Since the establishment of a shipping division in 1962 and introducing the region's first hydrofoil three years later, Shun Tak has always strived to develop a well-connected sea transportation network between Macau and Hong Kong.

In 1999, Shun Tak partnered with China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited to establish Shun Tak - China Travel Ship Management Limited, operating under the brand name of TurboJET.

As one of the world's largest jetfoil fleets, TurboJET provides high-speed passenger ferry services between Macau, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, offering a total capacity of 23 million passenger seats per year. In particular, our ferries on the Hong Kong-Macau route provide round-the-clock service with departures every 15 minutes (5 minutes during peak-hours).

With the number of visitors travelling in and out of the Pearl River Delta ever increasing, TurboJET launched its airport routes in 2003 to open up a world of possibilities in air-sea inter-modal transportation. Servicing the airports of Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen, the route allows transit passengers to make air-sea connections without passing through customs or immigration, while luggage are seamlessly tagged-through to the final destination. The service has enabled stronger links both within the PRD and the region's connection with the world; today, we are collaborating with more than 80 airlines in a bid to deliver the TurboJET advantage to millions of global travellers.

TurboJET has ridden the tide of change in recent years by constantly upgrading and expanding its services. Among our initiatives, the online and WAP booking system enables visitors to secure tickets anytime, anywhere, while the multi-functional Stored Value Card extends a host of privileges to frequent travellers. Passengers are also entitled to luggage check-in, storage and porter services, while taking advantage of the convenient upstream airline check-in system.

With passenger satisfaction firmly on our radar, TurboJET will continue to support the dynamic growth of the PRD region through building solid connectivity within the region and reaching out to the world.

For further information, please visit http://www.turbojet.com.hk.